Twitter in 4A

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our Twitter feed is constantly being updated in our classroom. After a lesson today, it was good to hear some students asking 'Can I tweet about that?' It's great for visitors to our classroom to see what interests our kids, and quick method for students to reflect on their learning. Be sure to come and check it out next time you're in 4A.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You may have heard your child mention 'Plickers'. It's a definite favourite of 4A's! As a teacher, it's such a quick and easy way to see where everyone is at.

We've been using it to answer questions about time. It's anonymous so students don't know what each other has answered. 

Today, 4A was encouraged to reflect on their learning - what a great way to inform  my planning! 

(We decided 'noun groups' would encompass all the parts of speech we've looked at this week). 

Math Rotations

Today our math rotations revolved around telling time, and more specifically identifying am and pm. Activities included:
- Teacher time: Smartboard activities + lots of discussion! 
- Activity: Students completed am and pm timelines (with our aide Mrs Shields facilitating) as well as practiced those all important time facts (how many seconds in 1 minute, how many days in 1 year etc). 
- Game: Students could choose from 3 different time games and play as a whole group, in pairs or independently. 

Students: Comment with a time fact


Monday, February 8, 2016

Today in English, we talked all about connectives and why they are important in our writing. Students were given specific examples, then we played a game on Studyladder where they needed to pick the right connective. This was a great activity as we discussed why a certain connective was a better choice than another.

After this, students were shown a basic piece of text which they needed to edit by adding in connectives and more detail. Some students created fabulous pieces of writing! It was great to see so many students immediately acting on their feedback. Most feedback during this lesson related to capital letters, spelling and rereading their sentence to make sure it made sense. 

Visual Timetable

This is what we use in our classroom to make sure everyone knows what's coming up during each day.

Conversation starters

As kids get older, it can sometimes be like trying to draw blood from a stone to get them to tell us about their day. Here are some great conversation starters that may help to get them talking.

Made by "The Reading Bungalow"

Times Tables

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Practise your 2 times tables!

Spelling List

Your complete spelling list has been added to spelling city. This website allows you to play games and test yourself on your spelling.

Click on the following link and then select Term 1, Week 2 to find our current list.

Have Fun!!


Homework is an essential part of schooling and plays an important role in revisiting classroom work and/or practising vital skills.

Homework is handed out and explained in detail to students every Friday. (First weeks homework for the Term went out on Friday 29/01) It is due back at school the following Thursday to allow time for marking over night and to be ready for Friday.

The following pages should be included in your Homework folders along with your spelling words and LSCWC (look, say, cover, write, check) in your exercise books.

The design of the grid: Tasks are divided into different areas. The titles of the columns are based on the type of thinking required as described in Bloom’s taxonomy. As you work across the grid, higher order thinking skills are required.
We all learn and understand things differently. Each row is labelled with a different ‘learning style’ based on Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory. We encourage children to choose a variety of tasks which interest and challenge them to learn in different ways.

This is a table of spelling activities to choose from. Two are to be completed each week and coloured in.

This week our focus for maths is our 2 times tables. Fact families are used to help understand the turn around facts and the division facts paired with 2x.
A reading log helps keep track of the books you have read.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the homework tasks please feel free to contact us.
Enjoy and have fun with your homework!


Friday, January 29, 2016

Keep an eye out for the swimming notes - they went home today!

Swimming starts next Thursday 4th January.

Please remember to send your child to school with appropriate swimming attire, towel, goggles and swim cap (if required).

Labelling all items worn or brought to school that day will ensure we have no lost items.