Friday, June 24, 2011

Want a great website that is sure to keep the kids amused? It's called Comix and it allows you to make your own comics by dragging pictures and resizing them. It's sure to be a hit!


In Term 3, we are going to be learning all about the weather!

Tell us your favourite season and why...


Have a safe and relaxing holiday with your family!  Share with us what you have planned for your break from school. What are you most looking forward to?

If I had a big jar of money...

Mrs Nessman gave me a great idea for a lesson.  Yesterday we listened to the story "A chair for my mother" by Vera. B. Williams. It tells of a family who after losing everything they have, saves all of their money to buy a chair that they can enjoy together. It is a beautiful story. 

After hearing the story, 1C had some fun recording our ideas on 'talking points'. You can listen to these if you pop into our classroom.
We then wrote our own thoughts about what we would do if we had a big jar of money.

If you had a big jar of money, what would you buy?

Travel Smart Lunch

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gosh we are a lucky bunch!

We had a lovely lunch of Subway sandwiches, cookies and juice sitting under the trees on the oval, all served by the TravelSmart crew and Mr Hartshorn.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In maths rotations today we talked about 'chance' words. As part of teacher time 1C posted on 1B and 1C's blog in New Gisborne, Victoria. Ms Hunichen and Mrs Hollands had asked "Can you think of an event that is impossible? Can you think of something that is certain?"

Here are some of our posts:

It is impossible for my eyes to poke out. It is certain that I will go to Mcdonalds after dancing today. – Ella

It is impossible for bananas to fly. It is certain that I will go home after school today. – Bradley

It is impossible for the sun to fall out of the sky. It is certain it will be dark at night. – Michael

It is impossible that a shark will fly. It is certain that I will have dinner tonight. – Ellah
It is impossible that the sun will fall out of the sky. It is certain that I will go home after school today. – Jennifer

It is impossible that our classroom will fly. It is certain that I will go to bed tonight. – Braith

They even replied after our posts:
Dear Mrs Thorburn and wonderful children

Thank You so much for all of your impossible and certain events. I loved reading them all. I think it would be fun if our classrooms could fly though. Imagine all of the wonderful places we would be able to visit.

From Miss Hunichen, Mrs Hollands and 1B and 1C

Room 2 and Mr Thurlow

Today we spent some time as a class writing a letter to Room 2 and Mr Thurlow from Christchurch in New Zealand. They had left a comment about our dinosaur work.  Here is what we posted on their blog:

Hi Room 2 and Mr Thurlow,

Thank you for visiting our blog. We love reading comments. What does 'Kia Ora' mean? We think it might mean hello.

We have written about T-Rex too.  We know that T-Rex lays eggs to have babies.
Some of the things we know about T-Rex is that:
- They are carnivores (eats meat)
- He was about 2 classrooms tall
- He was about 12m long
- His tail and his legs helped him move quickly
- He was one of the biggest meat eaters
- He could eat up to 230kg in one bite!

We noticed that you linked to our blog - we wanted to let you know we don't live on the Gold Coast. Bribie is near the Sunshine Coast. We have linked to yours too. 

Lots of us are interested in visiting your blog again to see some space facts.

From 1C and Mrs Thorburn

Travel Smart Lunch

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rather than receiving a sausage sizzle as our prize for having the most entries in the TravelSmart competition, we will be having a very special Subway lunch on Thursday.

If you have not yet returned your form please do so asap.

We are very excited!!

When I was a dinosaur...

When I was a dinosaur...

I had really sharp teeth. I had a really long neck. - Rohan
I ate meat with other dinosaurs. I am a carnivore. Carnivores eat meat and I am a T-Rex. - Thomas
I liked to go hunting with friends. I like to eat meat. - Ellah
I had purple skin and I had pink eyes. I hunted with other dinosaurs. - Charli
I was a predator. I was big and had really sharp teeth. I have sharp claws. I ate a rainbow stegosaurus. - Eli
I loved to eat other dinosaurs. I was a carnivore. My friend Maxy ate other dinosaurs too. We found a tree with a yummy pterodactyl. We went even closer and we banged the tree down. That dinosaur ran fast. I was not as big as you. I saw a bigger dinosaur with her baby. I found a cave as big as me. - Ella
I loved to eat plants. I was a three-horn. - Jade

Here are some from when we worked as a small group:

Wash your face in orange juice!

We have our end of term concert tomorrow (Wednesday, 22nd June) in the hall at 2:00pm.  1C and 1D are singing Peter Combe's "Mr Clicketty Cane".  I warn you now it may stick in your head all day!

We would love to see you there!


Monday, June 20, 2011

We spent some time last week investigating volume.  We used words like 'empty', 'half full' and 'full'.

Holiday Ideas

Moreton Bay Regional Council runs
some great holiday activities for the kids.
Check the handout to start getting organised!

More important notes

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Tuckshop will be closed all of next week.

Notes went home today regarding end of term Sausage Sizzle.  This will be held next Friday the 24th June. Money can be handed in to the tuckshop.  I am yet to hear when our free sausage sizzle (for having the most TravelSmart poster entries) will be held.

Gold Assembly is on Monday the 20th at 12:45pm in the hall.

Our Disco is next Thursday the 23rd. It will be our first disco in the hall! It costs $3 to get in. There are also special sparklers available for $3.50.

Friday the 24th is a Free Dress Day. We are asking for non-perishable food items rather than a gold coin.


Monday, June 13, 2011

1C is spending the last few weeks of term 2 learning about dinosaurs.  The boys (in particular) were very excited to hear this, as they frequently argue over who gets to read "The Big Book of Dinosaurs" in silent reading time.

We have been learning about one dinosaur at a time. 1C has already gathered information on Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Students are being exposed to websites (such as National Geographic) and writing down key facts about each dinosaur. These fact sheets will then be made into a book.

Ask your child to tell you what they can remember about each dinosaur.

Visit some of these websites to supplement your child's learning about dinosaurs:

Kids Dinos

Melbourne Museum Dinosaur Walk

Zoom Dinosaurs

Important information

Reports are handed out to students on Thursday of Term 3, Week 1.

Parent / teacher interviews are available in Week 2.

Please note that the back gate (near basketball courts), will be closed as of June holidays due to the construction of the kindy. 

Trivia night is this Friday night (17th June) in the hall. Why not book a table of parents to challenge the teachers?!

Challenge Finalists

We are so very proud in 1C!
Congratulations to Jayden who came First
in Grade One's maths challenge! 

Also a very special mention to Pippa who came fifth, and was the last girl in the competition. 

Congratulations to Ella who was First Runner-Up in Grade One's reading challenge!