Reading Challenge Finalists

Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations to Ella and Pippa  
for making the final!!  

The reading challenge final will be held on Friday morning at 9am which will involve the top 5 students from Grade 1.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Please be aware that the Canteen will be closed on Tuesday 24th May, and Wednesday 25th May due to the Athletics carnivals.

There will be food sold from the hall canteen however there is no preordering available on either of these days.


Studyladder is another way that your child can consolidate the learning done in class. 

There are two ways to access Studyladder. The first thing you need to do is click on your child's page in our blog and write down their username and password. This will allow you to visit the Studyladder website directly.

Alternatively visit the Studyladder website via our Class Link. In this case you just need to type their password next to their name and click 'go'. This will take you directly to your child's activity page. 

You can scroll down this page to see a variety of literacy and numeracy games that are relevant to what we are learning. This is a limited access (free) account that allows students to play three games a day.

There is so much to explore - so have fun!

Note: To visit these links without leaving our blog page, right click on the link and select "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window" 

Photo Day Changed

Friday, May 20, 2011

Please note that our photo day has changed to next Friday, 27th May.  

If you wish to purchase from Pixifoto, your money must be in by that day.  If you have lost your envelope, I have some spares in class.

Please remember students must be in formal uniform.

Food Chains

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This term in Science we are learning about food chains. When asked at the beginning of the activity what food chains are, we had an excellent reply from Willow. "Food chains are when a small thing gets eaten by a bigger thing, and then the bigger thing gets eaten by an even bigger thing" Willow said. You're absolutely right Willow!

Here is a great game that you can play at home to learn about food chains.

Food Chain Game

Maths Challenge

We have put a strong focus on learning quick facts to 10 over the next 5 weeks.  We are playing all sorts of games in class to try and make sure: we can recognise numbers to 10, we can write our numbers correctly, we know how to add up, and we get faster at adding.

Here is a fantastic website to practise quick facts.  I have told the students to start at +0, and move up from there once they get 100% in the time limit.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This term we are talking about different ways of staying safe.  We have already talked about road safety and beach safety.  Ask your child what they can remember about staying safe in these places - add these as a comment to this post. In the next few weeks, we will be completing a concept map with road safety, beach safety, pool safety and sun safety.

Today we discussed pool safety.  First we talked about what we thought what was really important for staying safe around pools - 1C is so clever! We thought of lots of things!

We had a look at Lawrie Lawrence's website: Kids alive do the five!

We realised after looking at the 'Kids Alive' website that the only rule we hadn't thought of was 'Learn how to resuscitate'. We talked about what the word resuscitate means.

Here is a clip of the song to watch at home:

Important Dates

Show and Tell page has been updated with Term 2 schedule.  My apologies for taking so long!

The Calendar page has also been updated.

Upcoming dates you need to know about:

Tuesday 17th May: Under 8's Day 
Parents are welcome to join us for a morning of fun activities.  The official program finishes around 1pm. Although it is a big morning, if you can bear it please leave the kids at school until 3pm as we do a big brainstorm in class discussing all the things we did during the morning. This is important as the following day students will be required to write a recount of Under 8's Day. This recount is put towards their writing mark.

Wednesday 25th May: Sports Day
Students are permitted to wear clothing in their house colours.

Thursday 26th May: Photo Day 
Get those smiles ready!

Mothers Day

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all our amazing 1C Mums! 

Last week we spent quite a bit of time talking and writing about our Mums.  Here are just a few of our writing efforts:

My Mum is special because she looks after me. ~ Samantha

I can hear Mum saying "I love you", "Come and eat your breakfast", "Clean your room", "Brush your teeth", "Shoosh!", "Brush your hair". I love my mum. ~ Pippa

I can hear Mum saying "Get out of bed Ella" and I can hear Mum talking about me. I love my mum because she loves me. My Mum always looks pretty. I think that my Mum is sweet. ~ Ella

And my personal favourite:

Mom, I will love you forever. ~ Jayden

The Gruffalo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last week because we didn't do reading groups, we had time to do a book study.  We read the Gruffalo and also listened to an online reading of the story. We had fun recreating the story using film strips and then we got to colour masks and act out the story using different voices.

Here is a version for you to listen to together at home. Comment on this post - What is your favourite part of the story?

Mothers Day Stall

1C will have time to attend the Mothers Day stall as a class tomorrow. Gifts range from $2 - $15. Students are also able to buy before school.

We would love to read your comments - What's the best part about being a Mum?

New Gisborne Primary School

Last week we had fun reading some comments left on our blog from students at New Gisborne Primary School in Victoria.

We spent some time exploring their blog and talking about the differences in our blogs and at school.  After this, 1C wrote letters to the students in 1C and 1B at New Gisborne Primary School.

Here are some of our letters:

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog.  It looked cool.  We don’t go to art.  Do you have brain break? Do you have a port rack.
From Shania

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. It was good. Do you play reading eggs? We don’t have an art teacher.
From Charlotte

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. My best friend is Gerry. My favourite thing is reading eggs.   
I wonder if you play it?
From Michael

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. What’s your favourite thing about school? My favourite thing about school is playing computers. Do you do the do-bees? What kind of art do you do? Do you have a fridge in your classroom?
From Jayden

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. I liked your blog. Do you have a port rack? What’s your favourite computer game? Do you have brain break?
From Pippa

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. I love your room. My favourite thing is computers. What’s your favourite thing?
From Jennifer

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog.  It is very different to ours. Did you go to an ANZAC Day march? Some of us did. What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is pink.
From Karri

Dear 1B and 1C
Do you play reading eggs? We looked at your blog and I liked it. Also do you have a port rack? What is your favourite game?
From Thomas

Dear 1B and 1C
We looked at your blog. Do you like school and do you have a computer lab? We do fun things.
From Ellah