Spelling Rule

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our spelling words this week are focused around: changing y to an i before adding a suffix, and double consonants.

Super Starters

In English we are learning to create writing that grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read more! Today we had a 'Super Starter' session where students needed to write 5 super starters in 5 minutes. It was really challenging!'

Super starters are all about cutting out the boring bits! Get to the action!

Here are some of the best ones from today:

Lapathon money

Make sure you get your Lapathon money in tomorrow! Prizes will be ordered this week.

Counting Strategy - Jump

In Math we are learning to use different strategies to solve math problems. This is a great example of how to use the 'Jump' strategy.

Here are a couple to practise at home:
* There were 53 cows in the yard. The farmer brought in another 26. How many cows are now in the yard?
* 89 students were in the hall. 35 students went back to their classrooms. How many students are still in the hall?

Cross Country

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Tuesday is Cross Country. Years 4-6 compete from 9:50-11am. Every student will earn a point for their house just by participating.

Anzac Day March


Wow! What an amazing turn out yesterday! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful school. 


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Notes went home today about our excursion to St Helena. The cost is $35 and needs to be paid by Monday 13/4. 


We are learning to develop an understanding of European exploration. Today we investigated why the Europeans wanted to settle in Australia.

We discussed some key facts today about the First Fleet. 

Check if they were listening: 
  • How many ships were in the First Fleet? 
  • Who was in charge? 
  • What year did they arrive? 
  • Why wasn't Botany Bay suitable? 
  • What date did they move to Port Jackson? 


In Math we are learning to explore 5 digit numbers. Today we kicked off Math with 'Place Value Clap'. Students came up in groups of five and needed to clap the right number for their 'house' for a number written on the board. Then we mixed it up and I secretly showed the group of five the number and the rest of the class had to write down the number. They loved this!

We then went into rotations practicing what we know about place value. 


Rotations finished with 'Place Value Millionaire' where students had to select what each numeral was worth within a number. For example, they know that the 6 in 6345 is worth 6000. 

Winter Uniform

Apparently Winter is on its way! Please make sure students wear only maroon or grey jumpers. They don't have to be school branded either. Thanks! 

Anzac Day school service

Just a reminder to please ensure students are in their full formal uniform this Friday for our Anzac Day service.