Guest post by Josie

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last week we had to make a tower using a certain amount of paper, sticky-tape, paddle-pop sticks, paper and cardboard. There were 2 teams. The class had to split in half. We had 7 minutes. At  the end we had to see if it could hold a dictionary for 30 seconds...our team lost because the other other team had spread their base out further than our team so their's stayed up. Ours crumbled to the ground. #nevermind #bestdayever!

Guest post by TeHana

Monday, July 25, 2016

                                                                My Science Subject

My favourite subject is Science. In Science we are learning properties of materials. We got to feel different types of materials and we wrote down their properties and what they get used for. We also got to put our hands in the material. I liked a lot of things but the material I liked the best was putting my hands in the soft slimy gooey egg.

Guest post by Crystal

Week 2 Science!!!

Last week in science Mrs Bluhdorn brought in some goo and said ''It was from Professor Polly'' #weallknewthatshejustmadeit. After that we got to hold it and play with it. We talked about what materials it was made out of. #besttimeever #ilovescience

Guest post by Crystal!!!

Guest post by Tegan

Maths Rotations

Last week in Maths rotations we learned all about partitioning big numbers and putting them back together. First we had to listen to a number. Then we had to partition it. After that we had to write it.
I`m really excited for this weeks maths rotations and hope that we learn something new! #mathsrules

Guest post by Tegan.

Week 3

Place Value

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

WALT: Read and write 5 and 6 digit numbers.

In Math we researched the population of Bribie using census data on the ABS website and recorded these in different forms. As a class we worked out how much the population had increased each year, then using our knowledge predicted what we thought the population is now. There was lots of engaging discussion in this session! 


Today we did a very basic introduction to coding! We started our lesson by viewing a clip of famous coders talking about coding in general, and where it can lead. Students were then introduced to a new word - algorithm, and what it means (a series of steps to be followed, especially by a computer). We then outlined what directions we would write to fill in a 4x4 grid as a checkerboard. First I did this using words (Move right, Fill in square with colour), and then as a class we discussed what might be an easier way to tell a computer to do something. Students came up with very basic symbols, then we wrote an algorithm using the symbols. 

Holiday Charades

Monday, July 11, 2016

Nothing like an early morning game of charades to kick off our term! Students chose five activities they did on the holidays, then had to act these out using sound effects if necessary. Their group members then had to try and guess all five.

Term 3!