Robots in Maths

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

hope your child came home today buzzing about some of the activities we did in class. If you had popped your head into our classroom today, you would have seen children scattered around the room completely engaged in their learning. 

One of our projects today was 'My Summer Holiday'. Students were given a $10000 budget for a family of 4. They needed to do costings for transport, accommodation, car hire, food, day trips and still have spending money left over. Ask your student about where they planned to go. 

In our middle session, students used Bee-Bots / Pro-Bots and programmed them around objects in the room. They knew that each robot moved 15 / 25cm so had to work out how many times they needed to press 'forward' etc. I loved listening to the problem solving dialogue during this session! 

Week 9

Happy first day of Summer! 

Christmas has officially arrived in 4F. 

Some of our 'elf' selves, reindeer paintings and snowflakes. 

Writing prompt: The day I got stuck in a sand globe.

Don't forget the Christmas carols tomorrow at 4:30pm.