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Saturday, August 6, 2011

1C now has a daily routine after first break. We come in, sit down, get our number quiz books out and get started on our number facts straight away. These number quiz books are addition and subtraction to 20. Students are able to use counters or number lines to help them.

Once students have finished the 20 questions, they come up and get them marked. If they get them all right the first time they get 'Perfect!' written underneath with a sticker. This has become something they strive for! If they don't get them right (incorrect answer or number written incorrectly) they get a dot and have to go back and fix what they got wrong.

I have been blown away by the progress we have made with our number facts! Well done 1C!!

Here are some fun games to keep practising! 
Thank you to Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan for these links :)

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