End of another great week!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wow Friday was a busy day! We started off with our weekly Spelling Test and then moved on to our 10x tables test.  We have been practising this every day and also for homework.  Everyone has seen an improvement in both their accuracy and their time. Several students finished in 20 seconds! We continued with our study of The Twits - it is great fun reading about all of the tricks the characters play on each other.  Today we focused on adverbs and how these provide more detail and make sentences more interesting.  We also completed our first handwriting lesson as this year we will be progressing to cursive writing. After first break we did Maths and played "I have, You have" a game to help us learn our multiplication facts.  In Health we discussed how we are all different and can have different thoughts and feelings, and reactions to situations.  After lunch we had Geography where we continued learning about the continents of South America and Africa, and how legends are used in mapping.  So much in one day! Before we knew it, it was time for Prize Box and to announce the Star of the Week.

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