Week 9

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 9 spelling list has been added on Spelling City. Next week we will have our end of term spelling test, so this week would be a great time to start revising previous spelling lists.

We have begun our new English unit which is focused around Advertising. Last week students brainstormed what they already know about advertising and Mrs Kippen has created a fantastic display from students answers.

Our focus today was on the persuasive language used in commercials to make children want to buy certain products. We viewed a clip on the Typhoon II. At the end of the commercial we stopped the clip and students wrote what they would like about the product. Students then watched the next part of the clip where children evaluated the Typhoon II. 4F then discussed the differences between the commercial and what the toy was truly capable of. Some students shared their own experiences of being disappointed with a toy they had previously seen advertised. 

After that we did our own analysis on Buzz Lightyear. As a class we compared an advertisement for Buzz Lightyear with the actual toy.

Students: What kind of tricks / language do commercials use to persuade you to buy their product? 

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