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We have moved rooms!
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  1. Hi Mrs Thorburn, this is an absolutely awesome blog. Thank you for taking the time to let us parents get right into the classroom with you. I can't believe how much I've learned just visiting the site and I'll be here regularly to keep up to date. Hope everyone has an awesome year and enjoys your class. Keep up the great work. (Oh and, I LOVE THAT CAT!!!!!) Cheers Cheryl F

  2. Thanks for your feedback Cheryl! I really appreciate hearing that the blog is being put to good use.

  3. What a great blog! Thanks for sharing all your fantastic learning.
    We are a year 2 class in Auckland, New Zealand and are busy searching for cool blogs to link to ours and get interesting ideas from. We think yours is really good!
    Come and see what we are up to at www.bakersbeautbunch.blogspot.com

  4. Dear Mrs Thorburn
    This morning the children in our grade viewed your blog and then as a writing task composed comments for you. Our children are in Grade 1 at New Gisborne PS and you can visit our blog at http://hunichenhollands.global2.vic.edu.au/
    We hope you enjoy their comments
    Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands

  5. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    We looked at your blog and I thought your blog looked good. Our classroom has a middle room, does your classroom? We have a name card on our table with the alphabet. Do you go to PE or Art? We go to assembly every Monday and sing Advance Australia Fair.
    From Sam in 1B and 1C

  6. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    We looked at your blog. We have a warning chart like you. We have Magic words like you. Do you have reading tubs like us? My teachers favourite colour is pink, what's yours? My teachers favourite season is Summer, I can see yours is Spring.
    From Olivia H

  7. To Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    I'm writing about when you were little. When our teachers were little they had to wear school uniforms. Do you go to PE, Art, Music, Library and computers? We have assembly on a Monday and we sing Advance Australia Fair. In our classroom our letters and numbers are the same as yours. We loved looking at your blog. We hope you visit our blog.
    From Sarah in 1B and 1C

  8. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    I liked your classroom blog. I think your classroom is gorgeous. Do you give out certificates? Do you go to music, pe, art, computer or library? We have the Magic 100 words just like you. Our teachers had to wear uniforms when they were in grade 1.
    From Jamie in 1B and 1C

  9. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    I visited your blog and I saw your Smart Board. We don't have one, instead we have a data projector. Our Grade made pancakes on Pancake Tuesday, I wonder if you did? I saw that your class have lockers under their tables, ours are in a trolley.
    From Nicky in 1B and 1C

  10. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    We looked at your blog. We don't have a Smart Board or lockers under our tables. We have a projector board. We saw you when you were a little girl. What is your favourite colour? Miss Hunichen's favourite colour is pink.
    FRom Mikayla in 1B and 1C

  11. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    I liked your blog. Why do you like the Bronco's? Our teachers both like the colour pink. Do your children go to PE, Music or Art? I saw that you had no computers in your pictures. We have 3 computers in our room but only one works well.
    From Jesse in 1B and 1C

  12. Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C
    I liked your blog. We have the alphabet on our placemats at our tables. Have you got a canteen at your school? What is your favourite colour, our teachers like pink. Do you have assembly? We have our on a Monday afternoon. Miss Hunichen has a favourite flower that is a rose, I saw you like tulips. We saw you when you were a little girl.
    From Grace in 1B and 1C

  13. What a neat idea. I think I'll have to do this so that people can see what our classroom looks like. How exciting would it be for people across the world to see where we spend our days learning in our classroom. Thanks for inspiration. Keri @Clendon Park School, Manurewa, Auckland, NZ

  14. Hi Mrs Thorburn
    We have really enjoyed looking around your blog. We loved looking at the photos of your classroom. Maybe we will post some photos of our class as well.

    We have a question. Would you tell us how you get comments on your pages? We have a page with our writing on it and we would love for our Mums and Dads to be able to comment on our work but the comment box doesn't appear at the bottom of any of our pages. Are you magic? Or just tricky?

    Thank you for your great blog.
    Mrs Lannin and the Year 1's

  15. p.s. my class in Queensland is 6C....you have been an inspiration...thank you Mrs Thorburn from Ms Thorburn of New Zealand teaching close by

  16. Dear Mrs Thorburn

    I hope your baby is prettty and cute. Do you wnat a boy or girl? Love Karri

  17. Hi Karri

    I hope my baby is cute too! I'm not fussed if it's a boy or a girl - I'm just hoping for a healthy baby.

  18. I am a senior at The Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania, United States majoring in Elementary Education. I stumbled across your blog while researching schools around the world for a lesson that I am teaching my first grade students about the similarities and differences between schools around the world. I hope that I can be as dedicated of a teacher as you are! Your blog is fantastic!